Short-form video content is the new way of passing messages on social media platforms. This is a trend that has caught on that we have adapted to them and most likely find it a bit hard to sit through 20-30 minutes long content, especially if it is on Instagram’s IGTV or Twitter. Creators are slowly creating shorter content for their audiences, whether it is a comic skit, a recipe, motivational video, or self-care.

It attracts more people

TikTok is thriving more than existing social media platforms like Facebook because of using the concept of short-form video content. Facebook is facing real tough competition from TikTok and its own Meta counterpart Instagram not just because of its recent stock disaster but also because of minimal use concepts like short video content.

Several Facebook alternatives for 2022 have embraced the use of short videos to deliver content. Retalk is a good example of this. Communities use it to build forums where people with a shared interest can hold discussions. Telegram and Mind are similarly great online communication channels that also use short videos like montages and gifs to share content.

Easier to share on social media

Over recent years, short video content has been used more often not only by content creators but also in day-to-day communications on communication apps like Whatsapp and Telegram. People use GIFs as reactions in chats or just as a better means of expressing what they feel. This is a way to spice up the conversation.

Short video content is widely shared over social media platforms and gets more engagement. Applications where friends and family interact a lot like Instagram, short videos are a way to communicate, where friends send each other relatable short videos that they can quickly respond to.

Users remember it easily

Short content is simple to remember because the mind can quickly grasp and retain it. Simple logic can be applied to explain this point. If you try and grasp a huge amount of information the night before an exam, there is a good chance that you will not perform very well in that exam.

But if you had been slowly studying weeks or days before the exam, you are bound to remember what you have been studying. It is easy to remember catchy phrases from short videos, some phrases from viral clips are even used in conversations between friends.

They can be repurposed

Creators can make short videos from anything. They can be made from a photo collage to make a montage. They can be made from a combination of several long videos that have been compressed or cut short, or even from the edited text that is supposed to send a message.

People even make animations and use the audio from the video as a voice-over. They can be phrases from TV shows that were funny, motivational, or simply relatable. You can use the same short video on different social media platforms, which saves a lot of time to edit them. There are so many ways to make and use short videos.

Ideal for short attention span

It is known from studies that more people will watch a full 1-minute video, but fewer will sit through a 20-minute video. This is because users have developed a shorter attention span, especially with social media, mostly using short videos to deliver content.

Social media users will likely quickly scroll past a lengthy video. Time has become a premium resource, and in between work, chores, hobbies, and self-care, people cannot afford to sit through long content when going through their social media. Short video content becomes effective in helping them keep up with current trends within a short time.

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