The new generation uses their money to buy assets such as stocks or property that they know will generate more money in time. Investing is for the long term because they know that a sudden loss of income for whatever reason can be too scary to bear. They aim to invest in such a way that they always have enough money saved to cover their expenses till they take their last breath.

Costa Rica fulfills property dreams

Saving for huge items such as a home is a goal for millennials. Because banks are imposing stricter guidelines for financing, they know that they have to have a good down payment to purchase the property. The U.S. economy is changing and younger people are looking at ways to live differently. They’re contacting Blue Water Properties and getting all the details they need with regards to Costa Rica real estate. The home of their dreams is affordable in Costa Rica.

They can have the kind of home in Costa Rica that they could never hope to own in the United States.

These same young people have visited the country in previous years with their parents and have seen the benefits that raising their kids in a peaceful tropical country will have. Just having reliable high-speed Internet available is another huge drawcard.


Young people interested in investing know that their primary investment objective for long-term savings has to be growth. They want to make sure they can look forward to their retirement. Many of them want to be self-employed and these days, most of them have the skills to be successful entrepreneurs.

They like the idea of not having to start off from scratch but rather join a franchise. It appeals to them to learn on the job and to benefit from the support of an established business owner. Business management skills can be learned in far less time with franchising.

Side jobs 

Young people today seem to be multi-talented and to earn more to invest more, and they are finding ways to put these skills to work in several different jobs. Having a job and repairing computers on the side can ensure different streams of income.

These additional streams include stock market investments, real-estate rentals, and part-ownership in a side business. Having several streams of income allows the younger generation to save more to invest more.

The stock market

The younger generation – those in their late teens and up to the age of 40 is very interested in the stock market. The question is, what stocks are they investing in? Where are millennials and generation Z putting their money? Many are investing in typical names such as Disney, while others are investing in more unknown brands.

When you do research, though, it’s not surprising to find that this group of people look at the tech giant Apple for investing. It’s the most popular stock for this group of young people. It’s no surprise, as with the pandemic, the entire world is relying more than ever on technology to keep their businesses connected and afloat.

Food delivery

Some businesses we can’t ever be without, regardless of the kind of world we live in. We all have to eat and the younger generation is jumping on the food delivery bandwagon. The market share of the food delivery business is massive and in any country as well.

Cafes, diners, bars, food trailers – you name it, there are many food delivery business ideas that you can implement. Technology has made all this possible. Ordering delicious ready prepared food online and having it delivered is a multi-billion dollar industry that isn’t going anywhere soon.

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