The pandemic threw everything that we thought we knew about the world out of balance and all of a sudden, the average person is questioning everything. Job security flew out the window and changing economies showed how fragile the current systems are.

An area that is under severe scrutiny by many young people is kids. People are changing their views on having kids and these views are warranted. So how did the pandemic change our outlook on having kids?

Thinking of the future

Prospective parents have taken a step back and have re-evaluated whether they would want to bring children into such an unstable world. There are too many variables and no certainty of a decent future. The pandemic illuminated the vulnerability of the sense of control that we have over our daily lives.

The idea of not knowing whether they can promise a bright future has put many people off of the idea of having kids. On the other hand, some couples have only put their plans on hold. They have been exploring services like IVF Authority and have read up on sperm bank reviews to keep that door open.

Guilt is subsiding

The pandemic was hard on everyone, especially those who had to isolate themselves in a small apartment or condo somewhere. Not being able to move around can get to a person after a while. People who were contemplating having kids saw how difficult it was for them and slowly made peace with their decisions not to have kids.

If it was that difficult on their own, how hard must it have been on parents in similar situations? Many people who decided against having children were often ridiculed by friends or family. They often heard that they would regret their decision later on. The pandemic put those comments to bed and made many people sleep soundly.

Rising costs of having kids

The financial world was turned upside down during the last year or two and because of the rising costs of childcare, couples are thinking twice before trying to have children. When they start to do their budgets, it becomes very evident that adding a child to the family will put them under severe financial strain.

Some couples feel that money and provision for their children is a matter of priority. If you have children, you will make it work, or at least, that is what they tell themselves. In reality, balancing the bank accounts is still difficult and if money is tight, it is tight.

Realization of freedom

When people were finally allowed to leave their homes and travel again, guess who made full use of the opportunity, people without children. The pandemic put many people’s lives into perspective and highlighted areas in their lives that they would not want to give up.

The freedom to do whatever and whenever is something that people with children only dream of. Couples contemplating the idea of having children soon realized what makes them happy and found it hard to give up their current lifestyles.

Building a career

Another area of perspective that the pandemic shed some light on is the importance of a career. Many women have found themselves loving their jobs and find it hard to imagine life without their careers.

During the pandemic, many people were challenged to innovate and grow and it is this need to improve and grow that has gotten both men and women to think twice about having children. The thrill of developing something and helping a company grow in hard times is satisfactory enough.



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