Figuring out how to pay for daily expenses can be one of the major stresses in your life as a college student. Creating a budget and sticking to it isn’t always easy when your resources are limited.

However, it’s the perfect time to start learning how to manage your money. This will involve cutting out unnecessary expenses, saving money on your purchases, using free resources and more. Here are some cost-saving hacks that can help you to save money as a student.

Cut out unnecessary expenses

It’s important to know the difference between your needs and wants. You need housing, food and clothing to survive. Satisfying your wants fulfills your desires for comfort, fun and entertainment.

You may want to replace your iPhone with the latest version when the old one still works perfectly. You may not want a roommate but splitting costs will stretch your housing budget. If you bought into a meal plan, you need to use it instead of living on takeaways.

You may not even notice that certain minor expenses, like monthly subscriptions for music, are eating away at your bank account. An Instacart or Doordash account could be seriously affecting your budget. You may have to think seriously about canceling some of your subscriptions. If you aren’t tech-savvy, find out at How to Delete how to uninstall any app or delete any account you no longer want.

Save money on your purchases

There are many different cashback programs that can help you to earn cashback for items you buy online. Other programs will help you to compare prices and find discounts and coupons. Buying toiletries and other non-perishable items in bulk is a good practice.

Splitting subscriptions for Netflix and other streaming services with housemates is another way to save money. There are a number of services that offer student-specific rates and presenting a valid student ID also makes many discounts available to you.

Utilize “free” resources

You may not know just how many resources you can utilize freely as a college student to save money. For instance, you may be able to visit a college health center rather than going to an off-campus doctor to save on appointment fees and medicine. You can also utilize free counseling services.

Taking advantage of tutoring and academic advisory resources can help you to stay on track with your studies. Libraries on campuses have begun to modernize and offer online resources for research. You may even find fitness classes that you can participate in for free.

Apply for scholarships or financial aid

Most universities and colleges offer scholarships and financial aid. Applying for relevant scholarships will involve meeting with financial aid personnel to discuss options. Some scholarships renew each year so you need to get forms and letters of recommendation on time. Earning scholarships can help you to save money in college as they will cover some of your tuition and living expenses.

Leave your car at home

One of the simplest ways to save money as a student is to buy a bike, walk or use public transport. Owning a car is an expensive exercise and not having one can save you money and prevent you from becoming a cheap taxi service for all your friends. Parking and parking permits aren’t cheap and finding parking is often difficult on campus.

Fuel, general maintenance and car insurance all add up. Leaving your car at home means you can avoid these expenses and use the money you save for other expenses. Public transport is often discounted for students and riding bikes is a popular option for many.

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