It would be natural to think that landing a Wall Street job such as financial advisers, investment bankers, and stockbroker is easy. But some of the best jobs often go unadvertised. It is quite possible that a resume isn’t going to suffice and that far more will be required to get your foot in the door of one of the prestigious financial institutions on Wall Street.

Have all the right credentials

It has always been accepted that an MBA is an entry ticket to a career in Wall Street. Making it big on Wall Street today is no different and it’s why so many high school graduates look at accredited college classes online. Straighterline offers college courses that are 100% online and they can help you get the credentials you need to open up doors to lucrative positions on Wall Street.

The degree includes business law, economics, marketing, accounting, and more, providing students with a thorough understanding of the business world. Students can choose elective courses specific to their career interests as they work toward their MBA. The StraighterLine courses consist of flexible graduate classes and because of the formats they provide, students can even learn while continuing to work. The courses can be completed 100% online and help students immensely in enhancing their education goals.

Study at the right university

It’s hard to get a job on Wall Street, and for many hopefuls, their hopes are dashed when they aren’t accepted because they didn’t have the right qualifications. Students with dreams of Wall Street should always look at universities where financial institutions recruit undergraduates.

A degree from just any university just won’t cut it and Wall Street is looking for people with an MBA from prestigious universities that have an exceptional reputation. Wall Street businesses want people with training in programs that are primarily in the business administration field. They want the right qualifications from universities with excellent academia.

The right subjects

Desperate times need desperate measures, and if you want to set your sights on Wall Street, you’d be wise to start aiming in that direction in high school already. You should select the appropriate subjects in school as this can give you a head start when choosing a university.

If you want to become a trader, then you’re going to need exceptional mathematical skills. Taking subjects such as Economics can help as well as making sure not to miss out on job fairs. Work hard in high school to ensure you can land yourself in a top university as Wall Street only recruits from the best colleges and universities.

Gain experience wherever you can

Unfortunately, thousands of applicants apply for entry-level jobs at investment banks and other financial institutions on Wall Street. You have to find all kinds of ways to gain experience and just one of these is through an internship.

Failing that, you can try to find work as a freelancer for a financial business or accounting firm. Working in an entry-level position and doing exceedingly well can see the management team offering you a permanent position.

Personality and attitude

If you are fortunate enough to be invited to an interview for a job on Wall Street, your resume isn’t going to cut it for you if you have zero personality. It’s a tough job market for anyone these days, let alone finance professionals.

Your chances of being called back for a 2nd interview will be diminished if your personality and attitude show you’re not cut out for a certain role. There are so many things that can put you out of the running that have nothing to do with your degree and skills. It’s all about your attitude and being likable and also memorable.

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