A remote sales team has become mandatory in many offices these days due to pandemic transportation restrictions. The clients prefer to talk to the salespeople online rather than allowing them to visit their office directly. Use these proven strategies to develop an efficient remote working sales team that can close deals within the given quotas and easily outperform the company set metrics.

Provide the right tools 

The remote sales team requires the right tools to do their job properly, like a quality system, comfortable seating, and all the necessary statistics. They should also have a good camera and quality headsets to talk without noise interference or buzzing noise. The clients will feel like making a personal conversation with the salespeople if the correct tools are used.

Provide a quality camera and instruct your team regarding the best lighting and the angle their face looks most professional. Use a good VoIP headset from a reputed brand like Jabra or ClearOne to get professional quality audio. Explore more about them on the Headset Plus website, enhance your knowledge about various headsets, and select the best model suitable for your business through Headsetplus.com.

Define clear metrics 

Instruct the team on the metrics to be achieved clearly and send them copies to be downloaded. Check with the group regularly regarding meeting the weekly, monthly, and quarterly deadlines. Give them clear templates on approaching the clients and the features of the deal to be highlighted.

Divide work among the workers equally and make them contact various clients regularly to sell more. Discuss the metrics with the team and make the expectations clear without negotiation. Alter the work format or lessen the work burden for certain people if they give valid reasons. Indulge them in doing other productive work like creating persuasive sales statistics.

Meet only to discuss essential things 

Avoid conducting unnecessary meetings and keep the meetings short and concise to save time. The remote sales team should be on meeting with the clients rather than with their own time. Make the sessions enjoyable by sharing unique experiences and quotes from sales magazines and books to motivate the team.

Showcase other experienced salespeople in the meeting and state how they handled a grim situation using their wit. Ask the team what they would have done in the same situation to keep the meeting lively and interactive instead of making it monotonous.

High employee engagement 

Encourage the employees to be in touch through social media and various other chats. Since they cannot meet each other and work from different places, maintaining good employee engagement is vital for team cooperation. Congratulate the first one to make the sale with social media posts or tweets and encourage others by checking in on them now and then by dropping a message.

Be friendly and don’t have a bothering tone, but ensure the employees know they are being monitored. Working remotely requires ample self-discipline, and constant checking will help keep them alert and working instead of falling back on their schedule.

Encourage innovative ideas 

Ask innovative ideas and creative ways to approach clients and close a deal from the team. Discuss and implement specific ideas and appreciate the person who proposed them if the idea is beneficial. Ask the employees to keep themselves updated about the latest news in the industry, about the clients and the office.

The employees should not feel disconnected just because they are working remotely. Creating a connectedness similar to the office helps in increasing productivity by leaps and bounds. Implement the employees’ ideas to achieve this extended connectedness and indulge in doing various activities online together.

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