Nov. 17

A lively runaway took place in the lower part of town Sunday evening when the horse owned by Henry Roberts, who resides near this city, became frightened while standing in front of the Petaluma General Hospital. The frightened horse ran up I and up Seventh Street and at the corner of Seventh and G streets it was caught after the rig had struck a pole and was smashed. Mr. Roberts was at the hospital visiting his uncle, Henry Roberts, who passed away later in the evening. It is stated the horse became frightened when a little girl attempted to pet the animal. Mr. Roberts obtained a rig from M.H. Fredericks in which to drive home.

Hurry up and pay your taxes – there are only 10 more days before taxes become delinquent.

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George P. McNear has received from an eastern friend a copy of the New York Sun in which there is a lengthy article which mentions Petaluma as the biggest poultry and egg center in the United States.

A new world’s record for typewriter speed and accuracy was established by the Underwood. Operated by Margaret Brown at the phenomenal rate of 125 net words a minute, for one hour, it repeated in 1913 for the eighth consecutive time its record-breaking history at the international contests, winning the thousand dollar silver trophy cup. Underwood: the machine you will eventually buy.

Try something new, Granadafig, a blend of California fruits, nuts and raisins. According to an ancient Spanish recipe, in 1492 a young Spanish Jew was hidden on a farm in Granada by his sweetheart, a Catholic girl of great beauty but poor. He found that his parting with her was inevitable so on the day of his banishment, after kissing her a thousand times goodbye, he placed a gold locket around her neck. After his departure, the heartbroken young Spanish beauty opened the locket and found to her surprise a note giving the receipt for the making of the Granadafig. Her family became well-to-do by the use of that recipe which, until the present time, has been passed from one generation to another. In 1906, a poor hungry tramp called on me for assistance which I gave him, as his bright looks and Spanish accent attracted my attention. After days of my hospitality for which he gave me value received in work, I became inquisitive about his past and he told me the history of his family. Myself being a native of Spain while a resident of California since 1876, I became so interested in the possibilities of his secret for advertising our California fruits, nuts and raisins of all kinds that are the principal ingredients of the celebrated Granadafig that I commenced under his directions to make a few of them for home use only. When my neighbors and friends tasted them they pronounced them the best thing they ever ate and the demand for them in the last three years as a Christmas gift to friends in the east and for daily presents to take the place of a box of candy has been so great that today finds myself a manufacturer. As I expect a great many imitators in a short time, none will be genuine without my signature of Ganadafig Co., trade mark registered. Luis M. Fatjo.