Nov. 10

Mail Xmas parcels early is the plea of the post office. This notice in big letters will be posted in every post office in the country. The first Christmas season of the parcel post system is almost at hand. Officials propose to have every package handled expeditiously to avoid congestion. They believe they can give quick and accurate transportation and delivery if patrons will aid by mailing parcels early.

New York Chop Suey and Noodle House, 34 Main Street at the McNear Building.

Wet wash and rough dry departments just added. Wet Wash 50¢. Rough dry at very low rates. Why trust your laundry out of town when we will do it for less, and better?  Petaluma Steam Laundry, 118 E. Washington St. Phone 55-J.

Hart, Schaffner and Marx are making ladies’ mannish coats. Samples and styles now being shown at The Wardrobe.

What the housewife says about Golden Eagle flour is what counts. Ask any of the many ladies who have used it and you’ll enroll in the good cause of using the flour that is made in Petaluma and has been endorsed repeatedly by Uncle Sam. Test it by the loaf it will bake in your oven and by the way the family will eagerly ask for more.

Several nice messes of mushrooms were brought to town on Monday.

The Brooklyn Barber Shop is running two chairs. First-class and quick work guaranteed. 131 Washington St.

Pearl Faxon, the little daughter of Mr. & Mrs. F.J. Faxon of B Street, while on her way to a playmate’s house on Monday afternoon, lost her way. She stood on the corner of Kentucky Street and Western Avenue crying and later was taken in charge by Mrs. George Andrews and returned to her home.

Attached cuffs that turn, the Columbia Cufturn Shirts. You replace soiled cuffs with a clean pair by one turn. No attaching or detaching. No difference in appearance from the regulation attached stiff cuff. Doubles the “life” of the shirt and halves its laundering. Plain, pleated and dress shirts. Guaranteed fadeless. $1.50 and up. At The Wardrobe.

The Mystic Theatre will this evening introduce a new departure for the local picture houses and it should take well with the local people and mean crowded houses right along. Beginning this evening, Prof. Melanson, the new musical director and orchestra leader at the Mystic, will play the moving picture shows each evening and the music will be a splendid feature as he understands the work thoroughly and his music will be in accord with the scenes thrown. This can be done only by expert vaudeville players who are able to make rapid changes and “fake” the music as there is, of course, not time to charge the parts.

So many people are dissatisfied with the underwear they get. Most of the time the fault comes from careless buying. Such a variety of good underwear as we are showing at Raymond Bros. makes a right selection easy. In brief, we have merinos, natural wool, white wool, camel’s hair, fleeced lined, etc, from 50¢ to $3 per garment. Hardly think you will want to look anywhere else after seeing our splendid line.

These are the guaranteed attractions which are to be seen at the Hill in the near future. There are several others probably coming but the following are positively assured. Nov. 21: Girl of the Underworld. Dec. 5: The Common Law. Dec. 14: The Chocolate Soldier. Jan 8: Mutt and Jeff. Jan. 12: The Price. Feb. 27: George Sidley.