Oct. 27

Our first shipment of Parisian Ivory for the holiday trade is now on display in the windows of our Kentucky Street store and comprises everything for the dresser in singles and combinations. Young-Herold Drug Co.

The services at the First M.E. Church were largely attended both morning and evening and much interest is being manifested in the revival meetings under Dr. Patterson now being held. At the morning service he took for his text, “No Room at the Inn” and pointed out how taken up men are with the business affairs of today and also the fleeting pleasures to the exclusion of the soul’s immortal needs and urged all to put first things, or those pertaining to eternity, first in our lives and not neglect them entirely as so many are prone to do.

After the harvest, the wise man buys a Ford. He provides himself both pleasure and an efficient and economical servant for the seasons to come. Viewed from any angle, he knows the Ford is the best buy of the year. $575 for the Ford runabout; $625 touring car; $825 the town car. J.H. Misner, 343-345 Main St.

The annual baby show to be given at Dreamland Rink by the Woman’s Club and which had been set for Saturday, Nov. 8, has been postponed for one week owing to the meeting of the county council of woman’s clubs at Sonoma on the 8th.

Charles Stocker, the well-known engineer of the local road, is laid up with a broken arm and will be unable to take his place at the throttle of his engine for many days. While on a vacation he was out after huckleberries when he slipped and fell over a bluff.

At Neil & Gray, the “Quality Grocers” – Apples: Bellflowers, $1.10 a box; Hoovers $1 a box; Popcorn—the kind that pops, plus Yankee pumpkins, marrowfat and Hubbard squash; and many spices, including allspice, cinnamon, cloves, nutmegs, mace and Cheyenne (sic) pepper. Also crystallized ginger—yum, yum, yum they’re “awful” good.

Joe Steiger says: Johnny Get Your Gun! Even if you have never hunted before, you should start to enjoy yourself this fall. The duck and quail season stated Oct. 15. Try Steiger for Winchester and Remington automatic and pump guns.

Notice to hunters: Hunting is positive forbidden on my property. Jesse M. Bowles

Edison Day is Oct. 21st, the 34th anniversary of Edison’s invention of the incandescent lamp. Now the remarkable efficiency of the Edison Mazda lamp brings electric lighting within the reach of nearly every purse. Edison’s dream of the universal availability of electric light has come true. “Pacific Service” always in the lead has done much to aid the rapidly growing demand for electric light. Pacific Gas and Electric Co. 139 Main St.