Aug. 18

A young lady said our Chocolate Soda was a ‘spiffy” fountain drink. We think that’s a mighty good description of a soda that is almost indescribable. Drink one of our Chocolate Ice Cream Sodas and then you will know exactly what “spiffy” really means. Rich, tasty, delicious and thirst-quenching doesn’t half describe it. The Candy Shop.

Distinctively Russian are the new frocks with their side-closing blouses. They are smart and becoming, and offer a chance to use a combination of colors of fabrics as a skirt of white ratine and blouse of pink or blue linen or ratine. Another pretty combination is the blouse of flowered crepe or voile with skirt of plain white voile. Then for afternoon wear, the blouse may be of some pretty brocade with skirt of charmeuse. It is a good way to use up remnants that can be picked up toward the end of the season very reasonably. Introduce some note of contrast in the collar and girdle and fasten with buttons covered in self-fabric. Have you noted the new silhouette that is creeping into the present fashion? It is just the shape of the peg-tops little boys play with and thus has given it the name of the peg-top outline. Two sections are seamed at the side and toward the foot the fullness is held in by a small plait, not stitched but kept in position by buttons. At the back is the fashionable half belt that gives such an effective finish.

Gee what a surprise! Petaluma in the movies. And a real Petaluma picture too. Don’t say a word but go right down to the Mystic tonight. When a Argus scribe saw a colored lithograph displayed in front of the Mystic on Friday afternoon, telling about a California Poultry Industry picture, he said to the theater’s Miss Lulu Egan, “I’ll wager it is a Petaluma picture.” The Mystic people did not know as they had not seen the film. But the scribe had not been in his office five minutes when the pone rang and the Mystic informed him he had won his bet. Part of the picture was taken in Petaluma and part in Pasadena. The local part shows the Bihn CQ Hatchery and gives fine views of the chickens hatching, also the young chicks and other views and it seems just like home. It also shows Dodge Sweeny’s CQ local house making a big shipment of eggs to Alaska. It is too bad the city is not featured on the big colored bills for it is Petaluma all right and everybody ought to see the picture. It is by the American Film Company of Chicago and the pictures were taken some months ago.