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Editorial (July 25, 1913) Do you fathers and mothers realize fully the extent to which the “rag” dances menace your boys and girls? Do you know most of the dances now-a-days are “rag” dances, even here in Petaluma? Do you know when your boys and girls go for an outing to any of the resorts along the Russian River, they can’t dance at all unless they “rag?”

This really alarming situation demands the immediate attention of the fathers and mothers of this entire city for the reason that it is a greater menace to young manhood and womanhood than any other evil in existence today. It is an actual fact at the Russian River resorts that the young man or woman who will not “rag” is let severely alone. It is either a case of “rag” or not dance at all, and the result is that “everybody’s doin’ it.”

The situation is almost as bad at local dances. At several semi-public dances recently, “rags” have been participated in by representatives of our best families. The fact is we are rapidly coming to look upon the “rag” dance with a tolerance that is surprising. This is absolutely wrong. The “rag” dance has started more young girls on the way to the brothel than any one evil that exists in the world today, and its effect upon the young men is degrading in the extreme.

There are two ways to stamp out this vile thing that has eaten its way to the very heart of society. One is for parents to forbid their children to dance at all until the “rag” has been relegated  to the dive dance halls where it originated and where it belongs. The other way is to enact a county-wide ordinance prohibiting it and to enforce the ordinance with rigid hands.

Editor: Referring to your editorial in Friday evening’s Argus on the subject of “rag” dancing, I beg to state more power to you. But it appears to me it has taken you a long time to wake up. Again and again in your editorial you call for the attention of the parents. You seem to criticize parents for the present condition.

I consider criticism one of the best things in the world, but it should be fair. As for who is to blame for “rag” dancing in Petaluma, I would say (1) the Argus and Petaluma press in general; (2) The managements that give dances; (3) Our police authorities.

First the press, because the public in general, and parents in particular, expect the press to publish conditions whether they are good or bad. They expect your approval of the proper and ridicule of the ridiculous. Petaluma has been “ragged” to death for the last two years and apparently the press has been in a trance.

Managements are to blame because some lack the ability to manage, some don’t care and both. I have seen dancers here where committees managing the floor were the rankest kind of “rag” dancers themselves and set the pace.

The police authorities are to blame for not stepping in and stopping such vulgar and immoral dancing.

We don’t need new ordinances to stop hoodlumism and “rag” dancing here. All this is needed is the voice of the press and enforcement of the ordinances we have. Seldom a week goes by, sometimes three times a week, that a bunch of hoodlums assemble on the sidewalk in front of the Unique Theatre and holler profanity louder than I used to holler my 15¢ show, but they never get arrested. I was not so fortunate myself.

You claim in your editorial the situation at the resorts along the Russian River is alarming and the situation at local dances almost as bad.

Take that back, Mr. Editor. There is no “rag” dancing tolerated at my dances. I have been fighting hoodlumism and “rag” dancing while you were asleep. You go on to state “rag” dancing is being participated in by the representatives of our best families. Why bless your heart, Mr. Editor, those are the worst in Petaluma. I saw one of our young lady schoolteachers in Dreamland Rink recently, dancing the most vulgar “rag” I ever saw in my life. This class is no better than anybody else. It s not who people are but what they are and what they are doing.

Sincerely hoping you will go on with the good work.

Yours respectfully, Prof. J. Kenney, Owner and dance instructor, Unique Theatre