June 9

The San Rafael Elks went down to a good-natured defeat Sunday when they backed up against the local Elks’ ball towners and the final story was 13 to 3. It was some game, believe me! There was more real fun in it than there usually is in regular league games because everybody was out for fun and “blood” was only a matter of second consideration.

Fly Time is Here. Tanglefoot sticky flypaper. Seibert’s, Bishop’s and Nyal’s poison flypapers. Daisy fly killers. Sticky fly ribbons, formadelhyde, etc. 5¢ to 35¢

Chicken patties, strawberry shortcake, bisque ice cream are only three of the many specials we are serving this week. Treat yourself to dainty refreshments or a delightful luncheon and have some of the good things that’s going on in this world. The Candy Shop, where Towne’s Drug Store moved from.

Have you tried a grape juice high ball? If not, you have a delightful pleasure awaiting. Veale & Neil offer the following summer luncheon suggestions: Franco-American Potted Beef, different from anything on the market. Libby’s Boned Chicken, very delicious for salads. Golden State Pasteurized Dry Milk is a boon for the camper. Will not spoil once the can is opened. Simply add water, stir, and presto, milk like that fresh from the cow. Spanish pimientos, a luncheon delicacy much appreciated with lettuce in sandwiches and salads. Tunny. All shell fish are very scarce and costly at this time. Therefore we recommend the use of tunny for salad and the like. This meat is fresh from the tuna, is white and looks and tastes like chicken A 15¢ tin serves four people plentifully. Western Avenue and Kentucky Street

I have returned from attending the annual convention of the California State Dental Association and can be found in my office. We always keep up to date and have the latest approved methods of dental work. Dr. Phillips, the leading dentist, over the Maze, corner Main-Wash.

Citizens Good Government Ticket, endorsed by the Civic League. Wm. C. Keig for mayor, T.C. Vestal, H.H. Oellig and H.S. McCargar for councilmen. Do you know these men? If you do not, make it your business to find out what kind of men they are.

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