Just in! Floating castile soap, makes a creamy lather, cleanses and purifies the skin and it’s easy to find in the tub while bathing. 35¢ large bars. Young-Herold Drug Co., dependable druggists, two stores.

Mystic Theatre, John A McNear Jr. manager: “Gaumont Weekly No. 52,” “Sleuth’s Last Stand,” “The Deaf Burglar,” “The Blacksmith’s Story.”

New Japanese crepes: plain colors, stripes and Kimona patterns. Newburgh & Co.

Invest in Richmond! 10% guaranteed! Drop us a card and let us tell you all about Richmond and how we can guarantee you Ten Per Cent on all the money you pay in. From others you buy on the edge; from us you buy in the center near the big city hall. Miller & White, 303 Post St.

The big ferry steamer Ukiah of the local route, which has been undergoing repairs for the past moth, has been put in excellent shape and resumed her regular freight run on Monday. The old Lagunitas has been taking her place.

Hobe Dykes, the only Petaluman who took part in the Interscholastic Meet at Stanford on Saturday was second in the high jump when the record was broken. The winner, Nichols of Pomona, made a new record of 5 feet 10-1/3 inches

Chas. Swafford, former principal of the local high school, won $500 in a San Francisco lottery.

The members of the Petaluma All Stars were taken in the auto truck of the Peters Grocery Store to Bloomfield on Sunday. Herman Peters was at the wheel and there were no mishaps to mar the pleasure of the trip.

Chris Riewerts, so the story goes, had a close call when he fell into a “river” in Penngrove while fishing Sunday. That is, he fell into the only deep hole the river boasted and he got his feeties wet. He might have drowned, only the water was not deep enough It is rumored a big trout pulled him into the wetness although the scribes did not see the fish. His partner, however, vouches for the truth of the tale.