Mrs. G. A. Rothenberger Art Needle Shop has moved from 520 D Street to new M’Near building, Kentucky Street.

To show the ladies of this city are patriotic, the Woman’s Club holds an “Inaugural Tea” tomorrow afternoon at the home of Mrs. John L. Camm at D and Seventh streets. There will be a splendid patriotic program to be followed by tea and a general social good time.

On Monday a big flock of seagulls was flying over the local waterfront and feeding on the lands near the Golden Eagle mill. The waterfront habitués state this is a sure sign of rain. When the gulls appear in large numbers, their appearance is followed by a storm within a few days.

For the past six months, fresh crabs have not been on the market in this state, but the law expired Friday at midnight so on Saturday fresh crabs were on sale and eagerly gobbled up.

Railway surveyors are at work in East Petaluma in the rear of the winery reservation and while nothing has been given out for publication it is stated they are doing preliminary work for the construction of a spur track into the yards of the Camm & Hedges Lumber Company on East Washington Street.

Mr. & Mrs. J.L. Wayne and Miss Peterson of this city journeyed out to Bloomfield on Saturday and enjoyed the opera HMS Pinafore which was produced by local talent of that place. Mr. Wayne took a picture of the participants. The Petalumans report the opera was presented in a surprisingly excellent manner and some of the performers did excellently while the whole production was well-staged, well-costumed and a pleasant success. The hall was packed and people came from all of the towns in the vicinity.

The moving picture, A Hundred Years of Mormonism, which was to have been thrown on the screen at the Hill Opera House, will not come to this city for some unknown reason.

On Monday the price of eggs declined half a cent. In San Francisco, the exchange quoted 16½ cents so in this city the price of 1 cent under was 15½ cents. Geo. P. McNear took the bull by the horns. Calling up the San Francisco dealers to whom he ships, he stated the quoted price was too low and he intended to pay 16 cents in this city and if the bay city people did not want to take the goods at that figure he would store them on his own account. He thinks the bay city can well afford to store at that figure and the decline was not a reasonable one and uncalled for. His actions caused a big sensation in local egg circles and there were heavy receipts on Monday.