This week’s offering at the Mystic Theater was not up to standard  but could not be called poor because there were two acts of real merit, one that was fair, and the pictures and music were excellent. One picture, the palmetto hat industry, was worth the price of admission. Wells and Henry who opened the bill were very good: Wells is a real comedian with new stuff and Henry sings nicely. Le Ciel did the serpentine and butterfly and other dances from the top of a globe representing the earth and lantern slides and electrical effects embellished the act nicely. Otis Laurelle, the “fat and jolly” comedian is fat and jolly all right, but as a vaudeville artist he is impossible. Though round and fat his act was flat. The McCall trio can dance and kick all right and were well-costumed though they did nothing new. The “extemporaneous” song by the male member of the troupe has been sung about 16 times there since the house opened.

On Saturday evening an auto arrived in town which was equipped with a full octave calliope chime. The driver “played” several airs as the machine stood in front of the American Hotel.

Petaluma people with stomach and bowel trouble can guard against appendicitis by taking simple buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc. as compounded in Adler-i-ka, the German remedy which became famous by curing appendicitis. A single dose relieves sour stomach, gas on the stomach and constipation instantly because this simple mixture antisepticises the digestive organs and draws off impurities.

Ray Baughmann, the “Petaluma Chicken,” sends work to the boxing editor that he would like to meet any boxer in his weight class in the business, bar nobody. His manager, Vic De Martini of Petaluma, stands ready to back his boy with a suitable amount of money.

At Grace Evangelical Church Sunday evening, stereopticon views of The Passion Play were given and delighted the vast audience. The pictures were excellent and the manuscript was well-read by Pastor Frederick Schlinkmann while the machine was operated by Frank Jensen.