At the Sunday services at St. Vincent’s Church, Rev. Father Leahy, the popular pastor, started things rolling for the construction of a beautiful new parochial residence and the converting of the present home into a hall for the meeting of the several organizations of the church. The plans, which are elaborate and call for a large expenditure, also provide for the initial steps for construction of a stately new stone church edifice in a few years and the use of the present church building as an addition to the all in question. It will be remembered when Rev. Father Leahy was taken ill last year, plans were well underway for the construction of a parochial hall at the corner of Western Avenue and Howard Street. Fences and hedges had already been removed and the lot partly cleared while bids had been asked for the removal of the large tank house, windmill, barn and other structures on the lot. Now that he is well again, plans have been changed to include a suitable hall and new residence. The present home, while a pretty and well-kept structure, has been outgrown by the growth of the parish. It was constructed about 30 years ago when there was but one priest here and now there are three so when visiting members of the clergy arrive, there are no suitable accommodations. It is proposed to place the residence at the corner of Western and Howard where it could be occupied until the new home is ready, when it could be converted into halls and would be amply large enough for the present needs of this organization.

Miss Griffith and Mrs. Allison of the Art Studio has\ve purchased a splendid building lot on the Carpenter tract and in the spring will build an artistic bungalow thereon. The lot is on a beautifully rising knoll, one of the most attractive lots on the 50-acre tract, and they have a splendid home site while it is needless to state that their new home will be a beautiful one. in another year, the big reservation will be studded with pretty homes.

There was a lively scrap at the corner of Kentucky and Washington at midnight Saturday, much noise and lots of talk but no arrests.