Hereafter on Monday evenings, ladies will be admitted free at Dreamland Rink, while entertainment will be devoted especially to fairer sex. Gentlemen will be admitted only as escorts of ladies and permitted on the floor only as escorts. This does not apply to beginners, as time and attention will be given to those who wish to learn, both ladies and gentlemen, an opportunity for those who wish to become more proficient in the pastime of skating. Skates will be 25¢. If you enjoy skating, turn out and keep the game going.

Joe Steiger received on Saturday a 1913 model Indian motorcycle and it is the center of attraction just now and is drawing the boys to the store like flies to molasses on a summer day. The new machine is a dandy and contains many new ideas in the motor bike line and there is a foot rest and pedal, both of which are big innovations. There is a patent spring which takes all the jar off the rider, and countless other nice things. But it must be seen to be appreciated and Mr. Steiger will show you.

A Man of the Time, the great drugless specialist, came known to the people of Petaluma eight weeks ago. Today he is known for his great success and miracle cures.

Let him demonstrate to those who are ailing with chronic or lingering diseases what he can do for you. Rheumatic paralysis is his specialty. Nearly all chronic diseases are due to poor circulation. Physical energy mechanical force and magnetic power is nature’s own method – never producing harm or injury. It strengthens and helps weak, troubled, fatigued and worn-out nerves. It improves digestion and assimilation, supplying needed elements for reconstruction, It stimulates excretion of impurities, freeing the system of poison and deadly germs. It breaks up crystallized acids and expels them from the system; also crystallization, which causes sciatica and all other forms of rheumatism and diseased conditions within the body. Give this drugless method a trial and it will convince you of its great power.

I have suffered with female troubles for the last nine years and have stomach troubles and a pain on my left side which I have entirely relieved by the magnetic forces and New Life Vibration. I can highly recommend the Drugless Specialist to anyone ailing with female or stomach trouble. Mrs. F L Fuller, 928 B St., Petaluma.

In the window of the Healey furniture store there is on exhibition a leather cushion top typical of California, which was made to order for the firm as a sample and it is about the swellest thing in its like ever seen here. It shows a white hen and her brood of chicks, done in colors and — well, go around to Healey’s and see that cushion and you certainly will be pleased and amply repaid for your trouble.