Arthur E. Owen was declared the winner of the $50 player piano given away by the Central Music Store, for writing a certain sentence in a space the size of a postcard. Mr. Owen successfully wrote the sentence on the card 3,272 times, for a total of 19,632 words or 706,752 letters.

Christmas candy, richest and best ice cream, the Candy Shop (where Towne’s drug store moved from).

We wish to thank the good ladies of Petaluma for the goodwill and consideration they have shown this store in the daily work of supplying the daily bread during the year drawing to a close and we wish them all a very Merry Christmas – Hickey & Vonsen, the Golden Rule Grocery.

Mrs. Harris of this city has built a bungalow on Harris Street at the corner of Howard Street and is now building another bungalow on Harris Street on an adjacent lot.  Will Brown, a son of the owner, is doing the work.

The new heating system was in working order at St. Vincent’s Church on Sunday. The large church was crowded with worshippers who enjoyed the warmth and comfort. This is the first time in the history of the church that it has been warmed in winter and the heating has long been needed and is greatly appreciate by the members who attend the service. The new stone steps at the two front entrances of the stately building were also used on Sunday for the first time.

The Southern Minstrel Maids are booked for Christmas night at the Hill Opera House and although but little has been said of their coming, the attraction is said to be an excellent one and no doubt there will be a good attendance as this city is always full of visitors on that occasion. All of the performers are of the fair sex except two and the show is in charge of the Curran boys, formerly of this city.

In addition to the regular program of skating at Dreamland this evening there will be moonlight features as the younger set is expected to turn out in large numbers. It will also be ladies and beginners night and instructors will be in attendance.

Local stores will keep their doors open this evening and tomorrow to give local working people ample opportunity to attend to belated Christmas shopping. Some stores have been keeping open evenings for the past week but the dry goods and many other stores will begin tonight.

On Monday each of the 118 employees of the Petaluma and Santa Rosa Railway Company was made happy by the receipt of a splendid turkey. They were supplied by Peter L Murphy and it took just 1,085 pounds of prime turkey to go round. The larger the family, the larger the turkey. Each bird bore a pretty card appropriately labeled.

French heavy head plumes make beautiful Christmas gifts. Every lady loves a plume. Besides being rich in appearance, they are real economy. $4 and up.

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