Nov. 11, 1912

The Northwestern Pacific Railroad Company will build a new depot in the spring on the corner of East Washington and Hopper streets. It will be a magnificent building, provided with every convenience. The old depot will be moved to the East D Street side and remodeled to make it as comfortable as possible for employees. A park is to occupy that portion of the lot opposite the Lachman & Jacobi Winery. When improvements are complete, this city will have one of the finest stations along the route. It is needless to state that Petaluma has needed it for a long time as the old depot is a disgrace to this thriving city.

If your friend lives in a boarding house she will appreciate the gift of a utility square. This is a 54 inch square of china silk, cretonne, silkoline or any soft material that takes little room in a suitcase and which is used to throw over a chair on which underclothing has been put to air when it is necessary to open the door to admit a bellboy, maid or any stranger who may knock.

At Monday’s City Council meeting, the street superintendent asked for instructions relative to the removal of steps in front of the Ravenscroft property on Stanley Street, ordered per resolution at a previous meeting. After discussion, the matter was laid over until next meeting so Mayor Zartman can inspect the steps in question.

The new triple combination auto engine, built to order by the Nott Company of Minneapolis, and the finest piece of motor-propelled fire apparatus now in use on the west coast was formally accepted by the city, after which the huge red 90 horsepower machine was installed at the City Hall central fire station and is now a regular part of the local fire department; in fact is a department in itself. Petaluma has received much healthy advertising as the result, but nothing to what it will in the future receive and many cities will send officials here to inspect it and see it work, while it is a safe prediction that there will be a dozen like it in California in a short time.

— Katie Watts