Aug. 12, 1912

Hickey & Vonsen, the Golden Rule grocery, says sweet, juicy, incomparable Lodi Melons are in. One slice will not suffice, nor one melon—better order a dozen and enjoy living these warm days. Also, early Crawford peaches, Jefferson plums, egg plums, Golden Drop plums, German plums. Only once a year do you get such a feast of fruit. Make the most of it by getting all you need while the fruit is prime. Eat all you can and what you can’t, can.

A 12-inning game in which the Pensacola team of San Francisco scored a 7-5 victory was played at the ball park Sunday and it was the first time a game of such a long duration has been played at the park since the famous Elk-Eagle game which was played three years ago and the prediction made by the Argus that the game would be a great one came true and the many fans who failed to attend and those who did may have to wait many moons before another contest like it is pulled off. There is some excuse for the home team losing but it is plain there is room for improvement and the system of inside baseball must be adopted.

Cooking with gas is clean, quick, economical and satisfactory, saving time and trouble. Cooking with gas is the modern convenience that allows the busy housewife to have “time off” during the day. Pacific Gas & Electric Co., 136 Main St.

A carload of Ford automobiles is on the way from the factory. Three have been sold already, so place your order now. Hot August will be cool October if you spend it in a Ford, a delightful vacation for all the family at a small cost. The peculiar comfort of the Ford comes from its wonderful economy, safety, simplicity and low price. 75,000 Ford cars have already sold this season, one-third of America’s product. Five-passenger touring car, $770; three passenger roadster, $670; torpedo runabout, $670; delivery car, $780; town car, $975. Call on J.H. Misner agent, at Upper Plaza Garage, 265 Main St.

– Katie Watts

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