“The Odyssey of Homer” has been filmized and will be shown here Wednesday.

George Athan, well-known proprietor of the New York  Restaurant, met with an accident Saturday. A seltzer siphon bottle fell and exploded, severely cutting his right hand. The wound is very painful and bled freely and it was necessary to seek treatment.

The Peoples Auto Stage leaves Roblar at 7:15 a.m. Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays for Dillon’s Beach by way of Tomales. Calls at all hotels before leaving Petaluma, also other parts of town if notified. On Sunday can accommodate 27 passengers. Packages carried and delivered.

The Von Glzyckis played to a small house Saturday at the Hill Opera House. Manager McNear endeavored to book them another night, knowing the city and people better than their management but they insisted. The few patrons enjoyed an evening of pleasure as Herr Von Glzycki is a master on the cello and his wife a harp virtuoso of more than usual ability. It is regretted there were not more present.

Haley & Peters have bought from T.V. Peters his horseshoeing shop at 32 Keller Street.

The Petaluma Rock Company crusher near the railroad drawbridge below town has not been in operation for the past week because the bunkers are full. Most hands have been laid off temporarily but those in charge expect to resume operations shortly.

Coming to the Hill Opera House is a big special feature which should and no doubt will be well-patronized. This novel entertainment consists of mechanical talking pictures, entirely new in the motion picture line and but recently perfected. As likenesses and actions of noted actors such as George Cohan, Harry Lauder and Richard Carle are projected, their voices can be heard, as in real life.

— Katie Watts